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Why is there moss in my gutters?

You’re at home relaxing after a long day of work, suddenly you hear a loud roar of thunder. It begins raining buckets. Later that day you go outside to get something from your car and notice that water is poring out of the top of your gutters. Many people know the stress of keeping their homes maintained year after year, Including gutter washing. Why do your gutters get clogged? How can you fix it? Often the cause of clogged gutters in a source of organic material that is above the elevation of your home, such as trees. It can also happen when moss begins to grow inside of the gutters themselves.

Cleaning out gutters

The best way to solve this stressful problem is to have the gutters cleaned by hand, using a good old bucket and ladder. This way you can be sure to get any small chunks of moss, leaves or anything else that may be blocking the downspout, which is the part of your gutter system that lets the water flow down and away.

How often should I have my gutters washed?

How often should your gutters be cleaned? The answer to this question depends on how many tall trees surround your home. If you can actually see any debris overflowing in the gutters of your home, or see any water beginning to leak from the top of the gutters, make sure to take action immediately. Most homes require a gutter cleaning around once a year, while others may not need it for many years, as long as your home is far away from trees.

Why call Shine City?

If you have the time and confidence to clean your own gutters, please be very careful when using ladders, and make sure to read about the best safety techniques while doing so. If you hope to hire a gutter cleaning company, were here for you with our 5 star reviews, professional techniques and equipment, and it all comes with affordable pricing. Give Shine City a call today!

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