Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Roof Moss Removal

We use our Soft Wash solution to remove roof moss, algae and other organic materials growing on our costumers roofs. Having a mossy roof can be stressful, and for good reason! Moss can greatly damage your roof over time, and having it removed with the proper solution will get down to the roots of the moss. We use professional techniques to kill the moss without causing damage to the roof itself. Many roof cleaning “professionals” use wire brushes to remove moss, which can be devastating to the life span of your roof. What they don’t realize is that by using steel brushes they take of a layer of shingle granules, which mean YEARS of life taken off of your roof. Be careful when hiring a roof cleaning company. Shine City makes sure to only use professional techniques that will preserve the life of your home.

Mold on your roof?

You may notice that some areas of your roof seem to be much darker than others, even if no moss is present. This is a result of roof mold. Our soft wash solution does a fantastic job of brightening your shingles, making them look brand new. What a great way to improve curb appeal!

How much does roof moss removal cost?

An average one story roof cleaning usually costs about $400 after tax, the price always depends on the size of the roof, the height of the roof and the amount of soft wash solution needed to get the job done.

Why call Shine City?

Shine City provides all equipment as well as soft wash formula and fuel. We have 5 stars on google reviews from all over town. We guarantee 100% satisfaction. Call Shine City today for amazing results!

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