Surrey Roof Washing Services

Surrey Professional Roof Cleaning

Shine City Home Services provides amazing roof cleaning services in Surrey and Langley. We also provide roof cleaning in the rest of lower mainland. Our roof cleaning services are completely safe and effective, We use all of the necessary safety gear, including a harness and fall restraint.  We first remove any loose natural debris from the surface of your roof with a push broom, We apply a generous layer of special chemicals to the surface of your roof which will prevent further growth of moss and other natural materials. After the chemicals have completely killed the Moss we proceeded to remove the dead moss from the roof, no need to worry about any moss that could be hiding underneath your shingles, our Surrey roof cleaning chemicals are strong and effective enough to sink underneath and kill the roots of this moss.  We do not use steel brushes or high pressure on the surface of your shingles, many companies do this and it is disastrous to the life span of your roof. Pressure washing your roof can take years of life off of the roof of your home as well. We would never use these techniques because we know that they don’t work and that they cause more harm than good.  Correct application of chemicals is the best way to guarantee a long life for your roof.

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